Monday, July 28, 2014

RPOF, Sugar, Nan Rich + Progressive Choice

Today SaintPeterBlog lamented the demise of DA SQUEEZE. - . We are pleased Krishnaiyer is no longer posting. Hopefully Snyder will follow his lead + quit.

But SaintPeter we are still here! We will be cranking out the truth.

Let us start. Today the Tampa Times reported on the corrupt RPOF hunting trip.-

The RPOF is corrupt. As the story says they have been corrupted by big sugar. Hunting junkets. Elected officials not disclosing the truth. Legislators. Lobbyists. Rick Scott.

Big Sugar has corrupted the Scott people. They have a desperate need to keep Scott. They are scared shitless that Charlie Crist will win. The hunting trips are old Florida. The good old boys. Scared of the reforms that come with Crist.

Sugar has ruined the environment in the south. They have gone with Scott. Crist will crush them if elected. The legislature is with the sugar companies. They pollute + buy politicians. So they do not have to clean up. They buy hunting ranches also.

Nan Rich has thrown in with sugar. The Scott-Rich ticket is working closely with these polluters. Scott + his Republican team go hunting thanks to them. Rich has Progressive Choice funded by sugar. Democrats supporting Rich like Katie Edwards are with sugar. She is backed by sugar in the legislature. It adds up to Edwards bringing sugar money to Progressive Choice. As we have reported in the past Edwards is linked directly to the consultants + Republicans in Miami supporting the group.

Rich herself has accepted Progressive Choice. The race baiting from the group - The sugar money. The attacks on Crist. She has accepted it all. She has become a Republican tool. Same for her supporters.

The Crist-Tadeo team stands for integrity + honesty. The Scott-Rich team stands for corruption, conservatism and Republican victory.

Florida must make the right choice.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Racism and Progressive Choice

Our Return

The shock announcement yesterday at DA SQUEEZE has us reconsidering. Reconsidering our decision to go away. Yesterday it was announced that Ryan Ray had left DA SQUEEZE for the Gwen Graham campaign. This we knew already. He has been given a big responsibility in the campaign running multiple county operations. We would like to support him. We will all support him. 

Kartik Krishnaiyer is also leaving DA SQUEEZE. He is joining the George Sheldon Campaign. From what we have heard yesterday he is taking control. This is more troubling. We are supporters of Perry Thurston. We believe Sheldon should not be running. But Krishnaiyer for all his faults knows the state well. He is a strong addition to Sheldon's campaign. We wish if he had wanted to campaign he would do so for a candidate that we back. Thurston will help the party turn out African-American votes for Charlie Crist. Sheldon does not achieve this. Both will probably lose to Bondi. Sheldon might be stronger but does not pull the right demographic. We need Charlie Crist to get the black vote out. Thurston helps that. But if Sheldon wins primary we must all back Krishnaiyer's efforts. Until then we will oppose him strongly. 

While we have quarreled with DA SQUEEZE was have under stood its value to the progressive cause + party. We sought to reposition them not eliminate them. So with this void now we return. Justin Snyder + Katy Burnett can keep going. We will support them when they are right. But we too must keep going. We have returned. 

We will use this site to keep Democrats accountable to the values of our party. We have exposed Nan Rich Republican ties. Rich demand of debates shallow. Shady Progressive Choice. The Republican lite Katie Edwards advocacy of Progressive Choice.Her work for Progressive Choice. The rogue House faction. All backed by Florida Chamber. All backed by AIF. 

We have determined we must return. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

We Have Won

We can declare victory. Everything has fallen into place for us.

Here is why -

  • Everyone knows Progressive Choice is Republican front. Funded by Republicans. Conceived by Republicans. Fronted by Blue Dog Democrat Katie Edwards. Fronted by conservative out of state consultants. Consultants connected to Edwards. Supported by Nan Rich. 
  • Nan Rich is working with Rick Scott. Everyone agree. Democratic Primary goers agree that #avoteforrichisavoteforscott. Nan Rich Republican plant. Nan Rich supporters whiny + entitled. She is polling singledigits. 
  • Everyone knows Rouson House faction was bad news. Liar and incapable of leading. Everyone now with us. Behind Mark Pafford. 
  • Justin Snyder has stopped writing for DA SQUEEZE.
  • Kartik Krishnaiyer. He hardly writes. When he does it is largely garbage. Not even writing for his own blog now.  
  • Katy Burnett slandered Allison Tant. But now she gets it. Good articles on Nan Rich. Putting Nan Rich + her supporters in place. 
  • Rich supporters shilling for Scott. So true, Everyone now knows. 
  • Charlie Crist the real progressive most see. 
We can fold up shop. We can go home. Our work here is done! 

Thank you for your support! Go Democrats! United Blue! 

We reserve the right to return should events warrant new postings. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Progressive Choice - The Truth Part 2

We are making a difference. Kartik Krishnaiyer may still be a dangerous neocon who belongs in the Republican Party. But DA SQUEEZE is improving. Probably because of the other writers. Fairness towards Charlie Crist yesterday. Katy Burnett today doing the business calling out Progressive Choice.

But Krishnaiyer and DA SQUEEZE have been at fault in the past. We believe they have changed tune on Crist because of our work. We have pushed them into a corner. One they did not want to be in. Krishnaiyer has panicked. He knows we have them defeated. 

More on Progressive Choice. As promised. 

How Nan Rich's campaign became coordinated with Progressive Choice?

Nan Rich's consultants worked with Progressive Choice's consultants. Rep. Katie Edwards was also a gobetween. 

Why progressive activists began shilling for Progressive Choice? 

They are "Nan fans" who have believed the lies about Charlie Crist. A high level whisper campaign orchestrated by Scott Chief of Staff Adam Hollingsworth aimed at Democratic activists has been the key cause. 

Why the organization would race bait? 

Nan Rich has no record on Civl Rights. Crist's record is the best in the state by a non African-American not named Dan Gelber. 

Why the donors hate Charlie Crist so much? 

They hate Crist because they know he will win. He will break the power monopoly in Tallahassee. They are scared of him. He will bring progressive views to the job. He will empower progressive people. He will end the culture of corruption in Tallahassee. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Progressive Choice - The Truth Part 1

Progressive Choice is an organization dedicated to reeelcting Rick Scott. They seek to tear down Charlie Crist. They use Nan Rich as a vehicle. Here are the answers to so some FAQS.

Why Progressive Choice is only working in Florida?

They have been set up only to defeat Charlie Crist. Set up to benefit Nan Rich. 
Where is this national group? 

It does not exist. 

How Republican money was raised for Progressive Choice?

Using lobbyists and Republican fundraisers. A key between was Rep. Katie Edwards a conservative Blug Dog Democrat who happens to support Nan Rich openly. The other key between was Jamie Fontaine a DC Democrat with ties to Republicans. 

Who are the consultants?

Rep. Katie Edwards has worked to retain Republican consultants that are connected to Miami Republicans. Some are out of state. Fontaine also has used her own shop. 

Why is the organization based out of state?

None of the Tallahsssee Republican lobbyists funding the organization wanted they're name on it. 

Why did the organization have conservative Katie Edwards promote it during session?

Katie Edwards is part of the organization. Her goal was to defeat Charlie Crist. Help her Republican legislative allies. Help Nan Rich. She promoted school issues. 

Why did DA SQUEEZE cover up Katie Edwards involvement?

Because they took sides in House Caucus politics. Edwards was on the same side as DA SQUEEZE. 

Why Kartik Krishnaiyer dropped the Progressive Choice pursuit?

He was trying to help Nan Rich. He is a Nan Rich supporter. 

Why Kartik Krishnaiyer stopped other DA SQUEEZE writers from pursuing the story?

We are told her wanted protect Nan Rich's campaign. Told DA SQUEEZE writers that an attack on Progressive Choice was an attack on a former Democratic Senate Leader. 

Kartik Krishnaiyer is hardly a Democrat himself as this tweet proves. 

Part 2 will run tomorrow. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dave Trotter Palestinian Sympathizer War Hawk Russia

Canada-bound Dave Trotter is no Democrat and no American. Judge for yourself.

Dave Trotter

Yeah, Israel needs our assistance to blow up more kids in soccer fields.