Monday, June 23, 2014

Florida Democrats doing better than the critics say

If you look around the other blogs including the Florida Squeeze and the SaintPetersblog, you would think the democrats were losing everything. Obama won Florida in 12 and 08 and Sink would have won in 10 but national trends got in the way. Rick Scott is a tea partier. Now that people in Florida know that this he will be beat by Charlie Crist.

If you read the other blog sites you would believe that our party had done a bad job. But our party is doing a good job. Look around you you see energy like never before. The Obama victories have led us to a place we werent before. Allison Tant has as chair of the party done remarkable things in a short time. The Chairwoman has caputured the Obama energy. She has also raised money from Obama donors. She was a top Obama fundraiser. Charlie Crist was also a top Obama fundraiser. He was partly responsible for Obama winning in 08 and 12. New blood has come in. The ways of the past are done. New ideas and fresh thinking. Allison Tant has done this. 

As a top Obama. We have Charlie Crist a real progressive. He was forced out of the republican party of florida for standing on principle. Our State House and State Senate campaigns are strong. We had a problem in the House. That was solved last year. We made a change. The change was putting the outstanding Mark Pafford as the leader.

Allison Tant has helped to build the party by starting local field offices. She also has hired hungry fresh staff who know what it takes to win the big elections of the year. We know that it will be difficult with the Republicans spending hundreds of millions to slander our candidates including Charlie Crist but we are better organized than previous times.

The critics want to used past performance against this party. That is not fair. Allison Tant was not the chair then. Charlie Crist was not a democrat then. Our party has new media team a new political director a new emphasis on social media. We picked up House and Senate seats in 12. It was historic victory.

The party has raised it's profile on social media. The party has recruited candidates for all cabinet races and most senate races. The party has more ground games then any prior election.

Rick Scott has broken promises. See the Florida Democrats ad below. He will be defeated. 

We Democrats will be strong this election. The critics are wrong. We are proud for the follows. We will tell the truth. 

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  1. The facts and statistics regarding the performance of Allison Tant and the FDP are generally indisputable. However, there are many that are pleased with the job she and the party leadership are doing. There is no better example than the Crist candidacy and his grand debut as a Democrat.

    Charlie allowed his political ambition to overrule his political judgment in 2010. Charlie burned his bridges and left himself no path forward save regaining the Governorship as a Democrat. Charlie has no resume as a Democrat and Democrats understand his epiphany is by necessity, rather than a newly acquired concern for the "people". A loss here will end his political career. The FDP knows selling Charlie to the base of the party will be an uphill fight. They doubted Charlie could survive a primary against a real Democrat after his shenanigans in 2014. They thought by promoting Charlie and ignoring Senator Rich they could run the Senator out of the game. It hasn't happened and likely won't. This attempt by the party to choose the nominee is resented and creates problems for Democrats in November.

    Why does the party have this foul fish on their table? It is the same old answer, money. The money has done business with Charlie before. Charlie is reliable, tried and true and can be counted on to keep their taxes low and limit regulation. These money interests really don't give one hoot about gay marriage or the right to choose and many other issues that affect people's everyday lives. They care about their bottom line and they know they can rely on Charlie to protect it. Charlie is already a member of the club. If the lobby crowd can get Charlie as the Democratic Nominee then Novembers matters little. They will have their win-win situation. The FDP led by lobbyist Allison Tant is only doing what they're supposed to do, listen to the money. The fix is in.

    Office holders and political operatives weather Democrat or Republican know that there is safety in protecting the status quo. I doubt Allison Tant or others in the party leadership are planning to make careers from their current positions.